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Corporate Team Building


The Mosaic Art School of Sydney can facilitate mosaic workshops catered specially for corporate teams. Corporate events can be as short as two hours, to a full day.

If your team is interested in learning mosaics, or would like to work on team building exercises through art, or maybe as a reward for their hard work... then a Mosaic Art School of Sydney corporate team building workshop might just be the creativity boost they need!

We have courtyard that you might wish to incorporate into your event - we even have a BBQ!

In the enquiry form, send us a basic brief on what your team would like to achieve throughout the event, (e.g. teams can create their own mosaic, or work on a larger collaborative piece together - which can then be displayed in your office space!) as well as the preferred duration of the event.

We will then send you a proposal, outlining your personalised workshop details, and the recommendations and specifications of your mosaic project.


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