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Introduction to Sculpture Bases for Mosaics


Introduction to sculpture bases for mosaics


What You Will Learn

  • How to create 3 different sculpture bases using 3 different techniques (all are suitable for a mosaic finish), and learn which technique to use and when
  • Learn how to use different sculpting tools, to sculpt a fruit shape (e.g. pear or apple)
  • How to cut and work with different materials such as smalti, glass and unglazed ceramic tiles and learn which glue to use

​What You Get

  • Create 3 different sculpture bases using 3 different techniques, suitable for a mosaic finish
  • You will come away with a variety of resources (books, videos, articles) that will guide and inspire your art making journey
  • You will have access to purchase additional mosaic materials from our studio storeroom

Learn how to create sculptural bases specifically for mosaics, as it is uniquely different to making a sculpture. Both the mosaic surface materials as well as the artistic design of the sculpture is taken into consideration at the beginning of the process. That is, mosaics is not an add on to a sculpture, but indeed an intricate part of the overall design process.

This 1 day workshop focuses on the design elements of working the mosaic with the sculpture from the beginning, as well as teaching you three different techniques where you will create sculpture bases for mosaics. You will also learn a variety of adhesive techniques to finish your work using smalti, glass or unglazed ceramic tiles.​


UPCOMING DATES:   Sunday June 5th

                                      Sunday 18th September

TIME:                            9:30am - 4:30pm
LOCATION:                 Rear 747 Darling St, Rozelle
COST:                           $159 exclusive of materials
WHAT TO BRING:      Click here to download the list


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