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Mosaic Mandalas in Marble



What You Will Learn

  • What is a Mandala, and meditation techniques for creativity
  • How to work with marble, and how to imbed marble into two part adhesive
  • How to cut marble from rods, and how to use a hammer and hardie

What You Get

  • A small square marble mosaic incorporating a circular mandala
  • Design methods for creating mandalas
  • Working with marble resources
  • Meditation techniques

Mandalas have an inherit meditative aspect to both the viewer and the maker. As part of this workshop I will introduce meditation techniques to help you create your artwork and explore with you the sacred geometry of Mandalas. I will take you on a guided meditation, in which you will then create your own mandala.

The workshop will teach you how to use a hammer and hardie, how to cut marble from rods, and of course you will then translate your mandala artwork from marble. Marble and mandalas create a beautiful combination as the marble colours are all earthy tones.

You will have the option to make either a 20 x 20cm sized marble mandala, or a 10 x 20cm sized marble mandala. The smaller size option is available if you think it is more manageable to complete it in the workshop time frame!


UPCOMING DATE:     Sunday 14th August
                                      Sunday 16th October

TIME:                            9:30am - 4:30pm
LOCATION:                 Rear 747 Darling St, Rozelle NSW
WORKSHOP COST:    $159 exclusive of materials

MATERIALS COST:     For 20 x 20cm sized mandala:
                                     Approx $40 for marble, substrate and glue

​                                     For 10 x 20cm sized mandala:
                                     Approx $20 for marble, substrate and glue

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