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Southern Cross Mosaic Mural




Commissioned by the St. Peter and Paul's Old Cathedral, of the Goulburn Catholic Parish, noula diamantopoulos designed and created a mosaic mural inspired by the Southern Cross.

The mural is comprised of 5 unique mosaic stars, with the 4 larger stars representative of the Four Evangelists - St. Matthew the winged angel, St. Mark the lion, St. Luke the ox, and St. John the eagle.

The mural was commissioned to be installed in the chapel room of Trinity Catholic College in Goulburn. Stage 1 of the installation process involved the creation of the backdrop, featuring the painting of the universe.

On the 13th - 15th November 2012, Stage 2 of the installation was completed, in which the stars were put into place amongst the universe backdrop. Stage 3, the final step of the installation will be the completion of the universe - painting the small sparkling stars surrounding the mosaics.

The final element of the project was the installation of the Virgin Mother Mary and baby Jesus statue, which was recently installed in the chapel space. Surrounded by the painted universe backdrop covered in unique mosaic stars, the commission is complete.

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